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Our Clients

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The Team

Visuals Internationals has been around since 2016, founded after years of separate freelancing in animation, direction and graphic design. 

We love to explore new territories and tell stories we believe in. We continuously strive to build the best graphical and audiovisual work with and for our clients through a rigorous questioning of everything: from the way we work and the techniques we use, to the messages we want to bring and how we tell them.

That‘s why every project we start from scratch.

We want our stories and our work to reach and make fans in the industry and communities.

We do this by delivering the best work for clients we want to support and help them tell their stories to their wider audiences.

We strive for independence and creative freedom to leave a positive mark on the world. Either through impactful messages or through the happiness we spread in the way we tell them.

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